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TFC-305P Digital Thermometer - Single Type K Thermocouple

Digital Thermometer with a single Type "K" Thermocouple input.
$106.00 (ex gst)

CHY805 RTD Thermometer - High Accuracy

A single input, High Accuracy, digital thermometer with RTD input. - Ideal as a NATA Calibrated Reference thermometer
$219.00 (ex gst)

Tzone 2Ch PT100 Thermometer/Data Logger

The TZone 2 Channel PT100 Hand Held Thermometer (PTD602) is a highly versatile and user-friendly temperature monitor with a variety of features, including two temperature probes, calibration capabilities, USB connector, and more, making it ideal for industrial, research & education, HVAC systems, and pharmaceutical settings.
$332.00 (ex gst)

TZone Thermocouple Thermometer/Data Logger

A highly versatile and user-friendly Thermocouple Thermometer with a variety of features, including calibration capabilities, USB connector, and more, making it ideal for industrial, research & education, HVAC systems, and pharmaceutical settings.
from $296.00 (ex gst)

Digital Thermometer for Fridge / Freezer

This digital thermometer has an external sensor for your fridge / Freezer and also room temperature. Min/Max Temperatures and alarm for out of specification.
$53.00 (ex gst)

ZyTemp TCT512 - Food Thermometer for HACCP

The TCT512 is a fast response thermometer designed for food safety. A flip out probe with 3 sec response time and a Green/Red backlit display for safe food temperatures.
from $75.20 (ex gst)

Tzone TempU06 - Bluetooth & USB Temperature Data Logger

Ideal for environments requiring high sensitivity monitoring with external temperature probe for low temperatures with both USB and Bluetooth Connectivity for easy access to report downloads.
$189.00 (ex gst)

High Temperature Non-Contact Thermometer (up to 1650°C)

A professional non-contact thermometer with dual laser pointers to provide fast, easy and accurate readings of most surface temperatures between -50°C to 1650°C! The impressive 30:1 distance to spot ratio measures smaller surface areas at greater distances, with a 1% accuracy and a rapid 150ms sampling time.
$392.00 (ex gst)

Non-Contact Thermometer with Dual Laser (-40 to 650°C)

Measure temperatures accurately and safely from -40°C to 650°C in hard-to-reach or hazardous areas.
$156.00 (ex gst)

Non Contact Body Thermometer for Fever Checks

Get fast and accurate temperature readouts via the infrared sensor without needing to come in contact with the source.
$66.00 (ex gst)

Economy Non-Contact Thermometer (-50°C to 500°C)

Compact and easy to use thermometer to measure -50°C to 500°C temperatures in hard to reach places, and hot or hazardous areas.
$79.00 (ex gst)

Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera (-20 to 400°C)

This non-contact thermal imaging camera helps you instantly pinpoint overheating components on a circuit board, identify any areas of wasted heat energy, or spot any thermal insulation gaps in equipment or a building.
$784.00 (ex gst)

ZyTemp HACCP Food Infrared Thermometer (up to 330 Deg C)

Infrared thermometers with built in contact type thermocouple probe. This dual sensors thermometer can be very useful with both non-contact and contact temperature measurements designed for food application.
from $116.00 (ex gst)

Benetech GM1312 - Thermocouple Thermometer

The GM1312 is a low-cost Thermocouple Thermometer that is selectable for J,K,T,E,N and R thermocouple types.
$70.00 (ex gst)

Calex EXCELOG-6 - Handheld Temperature Data Logger

This Handheld Temperature Data Logger with Touch Screen features 4 thermocouple inputs and 2 RTD inputs, allowing simultaneous or individual display and logging of all 6 channels. It supports data logging to SD Card or PC via USB interface, and can be powered by a built-in battery, USB, or mains adapter. The touch screen with backlight and built-in stand enhance usability.
$951.00 (ex gst)