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We are experiencing some delays due to Covid-19 regulations. We thank you for your patience and will assist you as promptly as possible.

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Milesight is a professional IoT company that leverages the top trending technologies to simplify the process of data collection, storage and retrieval in order to accomplish the goal of connecting "things" to the Cloud

Quick Facts about Milesight:

- 700+ Employees
- 50% or more of the workforce is employed in the R&D Center.
- 150,000+ units of product have been deployed to government projects.
- 15% of revenue is invested in research and development.
- More than 120 countries and regions are covered.

Driving innovation in IoT systems

Milesight is a leading smart technology provider that offers robust IoT solutions for a variety of applications, including agriculture, office environments, energy, and transportation. Milesight's smart technology products are designed to improve efficiency and optimise operations in these areas. For example, in agriculture, Milesight's smart irrigation solutions can help farmers reduce water usage and lower costs. While in offices, Milesight’s smart IAQ solutions can support the creation of a healthier, more comfortable environment to promote productivity.

Milesight Applications

From Sensors and Gateways to Cloud Software, Milesight has a complete IoT solution for you!

Milesight's range of sensors are designed to collect reliable data for improved decision making. The sensors are not only aesthetically designed, but also offer state-of-the-art technology to collect your valuable data and transmit it wirelessly. The range of sensors includes temperature, humidity, CO2, soil moisture, PIR, and many more. The sensors are also very easy to install and use, so you can start collecting data right away.

Gateways are an essential component in any IoT solution. Milesight has a range of gateways to ensure there's one that will work for you, whether it’s small and compact for indoor use or an outdoor application requiring waterproof design and 4G cellular service. The gateway connects the devices to the IoT Cloud software (the final piece in Milesight’s complete IoT solution) and provides a secure and reliable connection between your LoRaWAN devices and the cloud to ensure your data is always accessible. With this software, you can remotely monitor and control your devices, making it easy to stay connected to your IoT system. This makes Milesight’s IoT solution perfect for managing large numbers of devices and keeping track of their data easily and efficiently.

Milesight’s IoT systems, with their range of sensors, can ensure that you are getting the most accurate and reliable data possible. This helps you make better decisions based on real-time data. With its innovative smart technology products and solutions, Milesight is helping to drive the future of the IoT.

Milesight IoT System Data Flow

Milesight Data Flow

Want to learn more about Milesight and their product offerings?

Milesight Academy is an online platform that offers a wealth of information on Milesight products and solutions. It covers all the basic information you need to know about products, device configuration, management and maintenance. The Academy also provides helpful tips and tricks, as well as troubleshooting advice. Whether you're a Milesight customer or simply want to learn more about our products and solutions, Milesight Academy is the perfect place to start. 

Visit Milesight Academy >>

Explore the Milesight range below or speak with one of our IoT Specialists to build your tailored solution today. 

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Milesight AM103 - Indoor CO2, Temp & RH Sensors

*PRE-ORDER NOW* The AM103 sensors accurately measure relative humidity, carbon dioxide levels, and temperature in offices, schools, and commercial and industrial applications.
from $362.00 (ex gst)

Milesight AM300 - IAQ 9 in 1 Sensors

AM300 series is a compact indoor ambience monitoring sensor for measurement of temperature, humidity, light, CO2 concentration, HCHO/O3 level, TVOC, barometric pressure, PM2.5, PM10 and motion.
from $621.00 (ex gst)

Milesight EM500 - Soil Moisture, Temp & Conductivity Sensor

The Milesight EM500-SMTC Soil Moisture Sensor for Smart Agriculture measures soil moisture, temperature and electrical conductivity in harsh environments.
$877.00 (ex gst)

Milesight EM500 - Submersible Level Water Sensor

The EM500-SWL is widely used for tank and river level monitoring while fully submerged in liquid. The sensor is robust and sealed to prevent corrosion and failure. It also features a customisable measuring range of up to 200 metres, so you can be sure to get an accurate reading every time.
from $925.00 (ex gst)

Milesight UC51x Series - Solenoid Valve Controller

Remotely control DC latching solenoids of the valve with Milesight's UC51x solenoid. The controller comes with 2 solenoid and 2 pulse interfaces, which can be easily controlled locally or remotely. With a built-in solar panel and a high-capacity battery power supply for long-term operation ideal for even the most harsh outdoor applications.
from $336.00 (ex gst)

Milesight LoRaWAN® Gateways - Indoor, Industrial & Outdoor

These gateways are perfect for setting up a wireless monitoring system. Choose between indoor, industrial, and outdoor models to suit most commercial and industrial applications.
from $419.00 (ex gst)

Milesight IoT Cloud Software - Remote Monitoring & Control

The Milesight IoT Cloud provides unparalleled levels of vertical integration with Milesight LoRaWAN® sensors and controllers. It visualizes field data and enables user to monitor and control remote assets on an intuitive dashboard.
from $0.00 (ex gst)