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Portable Block Calibrator 50 to 650°C

CALsys 650 offers medium temperature range from 50 to 650°C. It is a highly stable standard furnace for calibrating thermocouples / RTD.
$2,939.00 ex GST

Low Temperature Dry Block Calibrator -30 to 110 °C

Portable, Lightweight, highly accurate low temperature Calibrator for Industrial/ Laboratory field use
$6,724.00 ex GST

Peltier Based Temperature Calibrator -15 to 110°C

CALsys -15/110 offers a medium temperature range from -15°C to 110°C. It is a highly stable standard temperature source for calibrating RTD's and Thermocouples.
$4,483.00 ex GST

High Accuracy Liquid Bath up to 250°C

CALsys 250 calibration bath is a highly stable standard stirred liquid bath for calibrating RTDs / Thermocouples and other temperature sensors in the laboratory.
$2,167.00 ex GST

Portable High Temp Calibrator 250 to 1200°C

CALsys 1200 offers high temperature range from 250 to 1200°C. It is a highly stable standard furnace for calibrating Thermocouples / RTD.
$4,358.00 ex GST

Infrared Thermometer Black Body, Ambient: +5°C to 50°C

CALsys 37BB calibration source is an accurate & stable Portable blackbody temperature reference specially designed for checking the accuracy of Infrared thermometers and thermal imaging cameras used for body temperature monitoring.
From $2,139.00 ex GST