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We are experiencing some delays due to Covid-19 regulations. We thank you for your patience and will assist you as promptly as possible.

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VCP Ventilation Control Products

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Air Differential Pressure Switches 930-series

930-series is suitable for low differential pressure switching applications in air-conditioning systems for providing indication of fan status or filter dirty.
$44.00 (ex gst)

Condensation Sensor WCS 24

The condensation sensor WCS 24 is an electronic sensor to detect condensation or incipient condensation on chilled ceilings.
$114.00 (ex gst)

Duct Air Quality (VOC) Transmitter QDT 24

The Duct air quality transmitters QDT 24 series for the measurement of VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds)
$399.00 (ex gst)

Outdoor Humidity Temperature Transmitter OHT-series

The OHT is an outdoor humidity and temperature transmitter which measures the humidity and temperature of air and giving a 0-10VDC or 4-20mA Output.
from $263.00 (ex gst)

Room Air Quality (VOC) Transmitters QRT 24-series

The room air quality transmitters QRT 24 series for the measurement of VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds)
$300.00 (ex gst)

Room Humidity Temperature Transmitter RHT-series

The RHT is an indoor humidity and temperature transmitter with two 0-10VDC or 4-20mA Outputs
from $225.00 (ex gst)

VCP Air Differential Pressure Transmitters - PAT

Flexible & Multi Functional Air Differential Pressure Transmitter PAT-series
from $285.00 (ex gst)

VCP CO2 + Temperature transmitter CDR 010T

The Carbon Dioxide (CO2) + Temperature transmitter CDR 010T is a self-calibrating microprocessor-controlled unit with 2 x 0-10VDC Outputs.
$327.00 (ex gst)

VCP CO2, Temp & RH Transmitter w/- Display

RCD 010 THD is a wall mounted transmitter which combines Carbon Dioxide (CO2) + Humidity (rH) + Temperature (T) with a display
$414.00 (ex gst)

VCP CO2R-Series - CO2 Transmitter w/- Humidity & Temp options

The CO2R-series can measure Carbon Dioxide (Co2) ranges of 400-2.000 ppm, 0-2.000 ppm, 0-5.000 ppm, 0-10.000 ppm
from $357.00 (ex gst)

VCP Duct CO2 sensor CDK

The duct CO2 sensor CDK is a maintenance-free, micro- processor-controlled unit designed for duct installation and is used to detect the CO2 content of the air.
from $464.00 (ex gst)

VCP Duct Humidity and Temperature Sensor - DHT Series

The duct humidity and temperature sensor DHT measures the humidity and temperature of air.
from $263.00 (ex gst)

VCP Outdoor Humidity & Temperature Transmitters

The HOTT Series of Temperature / Humidity sensors for Outdoor measurement
$361.00 (ex gst)

VCP Room Temperature Transmitter

The room temperature transmitter TRTS have been designed for wall mounting and are used to sense temperature and output 4-20mA or 0-10VDC. With or without LCD Display.
from $152.00 (ex gst)

Air Differential Pressure Transmitters PTO-series

An Air Differential Pressure Transmitter PTO 500V with output 0-10 Vdc and pressure range 0-500 Pa.
$152.00 (ex gst)

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector COW-series

The VCP Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors with a measuring range up to 300ppm are suitable for CO measurement in parking garages, tunnels, engine repair shops, loading bays, engine test benches, shelters, go-kart race courses etc.
from $239.00 (ex gst)

VCP Air Flow Paddle Switch FAPS

An Air flow paddle switch to monitor air flow within a duct and provides a switched output on detection of either a specified air velocity or flow failure.
$122.00 (ex gst)

Air Differential Pressure Transmitter, IP67, PAM 1

The air pressure transmitter PAM 1-series is used for measuring differential pressure, volume flow in air, above-atmospheric or below-atmospheric.
from $179.00 (ex gst)

Air Velocity Transmitters AVT-series

The AVT Series is a Duct mounted Air Velocity Sensor for HVAC application, with or without LCD Display.
from $300.00 (ex gst)

VCP Water Warning Detectors & Detection Tape

Water Warning Detectors WWD and Water Detection Tape WDT are offered as a way to minimise water damages. These items can be mounted on the wall with water detection tape WDT or mounted directly on the floor with sensing pins under the unit.
from $144.00 (ex gst)