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Wireless Field Monitoring Solutions with HOBOnet

Onset HOBOnet Field Monitoring System


The NEW HOBOnet Field Monitoring System from Onset provides a cost-effective and scalable solution for web-enabled monitoring of field conditions for applications such as crop management, research, and greenhouse operations.

Onset's wireless sensors are ready to deploy and easily link to the network, and data is accessed through the new version of HOBOlink®, Onset's innovative cloud-based software platform.


Key Advantages

• Lowest cost-per-measurement point

• Wide coverage with wireless mesh technology that can communicate through vegetation

• Scalable, with up to 50 wireless sensors streaming back to a central, cloud-based weather station

• Remote access to data and current conditions with a customizable dashboard for analysis

• Alarm notifications when conditions reach user-set thresholds


More powerful than ever, Onset's cloud-based HOBOlink software makes it easy to view your data and manage your HOBOnet Field Monitoring System remotely. With new dashboards and Google Map integration, your field monitoring data is more accessible and more meaningful. 

• Complete system view via Google Map integration

• Customisable dashboards across multiple measurements

• Easily-configurable sensor alarm thresholds and notifications

• Ability to select calculated parameters such as evapotranspiration 

Learn More About HOBOlink here >>


The HOBOnet Field Monitoring System helps growers reduce water use, save costs, improve crop quality, and protect against climate hazards such as frost and heat.

How Can the HOBOnet Field Monitoring System Help You Manage Your Farm?

• Save Water: Use soil moisture sensors or calculated evapotranspiration to irrigate just when needed, saving water and energy costs

• Manage Frost Protection: Use temperature sensors to send frost warning notifications to you and your workers, or to turn on frost protection systems

• Reduce Pesticides/Fungicides: Track conditions such as temperature, humidity, and leaf wetness to determine the risk of disease or pest emergence for intelligent spraying

• Improve Crop Quality: Monitor conditions such as temperature, rain, light, and relative humidity to develop models to optimize irrigation and harvest timing

• Meet OSHA Requirements for Safety: Use temperature sensors to trigger excessive-heat notifications to your farm managers, and maintain complete records of conditions

• Manage Labor Costs: Monitor critical conditions on a single dashboard, so you can prioritize where to deploy worker

With HOBOnet's wireless sensors you can monitor field conditions without running cables that would interfere with your operations. 

The HOBOnet Field Monitoring System helps researchers monitor microclimates over a wide area with rapid, accurate access to insights and flexible exporting for easy integration with other data.

How Can the HOBOnet Field Monitoring System Help with Your Research?

• Wide Coverage: Monitor large and complex research sites with reliable 900 MHz wireless mesh networking and self-healing technology

• Remote Data Access: Access your data remotely, without needing to travel to your research sites

• Data Visualization: Map views and custom dashboards help you to better visualize and understand site conditions

• Data Sharing: Easy data export for analysis with other data, and optional public access for sharing data with other users

• Immediate Notifications: If system problems occur, you can quickly react and fix them, and avoid gaps in your data

• Easy System Setup: With plug-and-play sensors and one-button wireless linking, the system is easy to set up, and easy to reconfigure for use in future projects

• Cost-Effective Monitoring: With affordable wireless sensors communicating through a single gateway, the HOBOnet system provides the lowest-cost solution for getting multiple points of data to the internet

With HOBOnet's wireless sensors you can monitor your research site without running cables.


The HOBOnet Field Monitoring System provides data for crop and irrigation management, and helps growers protect plants with real-time notifications in case conditions reach user-set thresholds.

How Can the HOBOnet Field Monitoring System Help You Manage Your Greenhouse Operations?

• Centralized Monitoring: Monitor all your greenhouses from your desktop or mobile device with Google Map and dashboard views

• Protect Your Plants: Receive immediate notifications of system failures or if conditions reach user-set thresholds, so you can respond faster

• Disease Management: Monitor conditions and adjust systems or apply controls as needed

• Irrigation Management: Cost-effectively monitor soil moisture at many points to optimize irrigation

• Maturity Timing: Monitor growing conditions so that you can make adjustments as needed for optimal market timing

• Reliable Coverage: 900 MHz wireless mesh self-healing technology provides the range and reliability needed to cover all your greenhouses. The network is solar- and battery-powered, so it continues to operate if the power fails

With HOBOnet's wireless sensors you can monitor your greenhouses without having to run cables around your facility.

Easy System Setup


Available Measurements

* Available in Plug-and-Play sensors only

** Available with the RX3000 station only

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HOBO Advanced Weather Station Kit

With the HOBO Advanced Weather Station Kit you get high-quality components in a weather station that will stand the test of time.
$0.00 (ex gst)

HOBO MicroRX Station

The compact and rugged HOBO MicroRX Station is an easy-to-deploy, low-cost cellular solution for long-term, reliable field monitoring.
from $2,185.00 (ex gst)

HOBO RX3000 - Outdoor Remote Monitoring Station

The HOBO RX3000 is Onset’s next-generation remote data logging station that provides instant access to site-specific environmental data anywhere, anytime via the internet.
$0.00 (ex gst)

HOBO Weather Station Kit

The HOBO Weather Station Kit is web-based, accurate and stands the test of time. Ideal for farming and Agricultural research.
$0.00 (ex gst)

HOBOlink Web-Based Display/Readout

HOBOlink is a web-enabled software platform designed for HOBO RX3000/MicroRX Remote Monitoring Systems and HOBOnet Field Monitoring Systems.
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Water Quality Kit

Monitor water temperature, pH levels, dissolved oxygen, ORP or conductivity with ease!
$0.00 (ex gst)
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